Rudy Giuliani On Liz Cheney: “I Wonder How Her Father Feels”

( Rudy Giuliani aimed his sights on Liz Cheney’s father while on Newsmax, saying that he wonders how Dick Cheney feels about his daughter. Newsmax aired a clip of Cheney talking about Biden’s ties to China, saying that she has not looked into the communist party’s relationship to the United States president, but yet called a GOP employee a “liar and a pawn” during the January 6 committee investigation.

The former New York City mayor said that he wondered how her father felt about Liz Cheney’s nonreaction to the president’s compromised relationship. Then, he said of himself, that he no longer see’s Liz as “any kind of patriot.”

“I wonder how her father feels about Biden giving the Bagram airbase up—400 miles from China, probably our most tactical position in order to defend ourselves against China, given away along with $85 million worth of armaments,” Giuliani declared. “I mean, that wasn’t in exchange for $31 million that Joe got? How about his refusal to do anything about tariffs? His refusal to do anything about their expansion of their Navy? That isn’t purchased by the $31 million that he got? It’s extraordinary that a president’s family $31 million from our biggest enemy.”

Giuliani then made a comparison between Biden and Kennedy, Reagan, and Carter, asking what would have come of them if they accepted $31 million from the Soviets? He said they would have been called traitors who would be put in jail.

The $31 million number comes from reports that the Biden family has been involved in major business deals with the Chinese, totaling $31 million, reports the New York Post. The report published earlier this year documents the five deals that the Biden family profited from where the family allegedly sold their influence for personal gain.

In one deal, Hunter Biden was involved with a Chinese firm called Bohai Harvest RST, where he owned a 10% stake. He introduced his father to the company’s executive in December 2013 when Joe was the then-vice president. This information runs contrary to the president’s claims that he did not know of any business dealings that his son was a part of.