Rudy Giuliani Not Happy After Tucker Carlson’s Firing

According to a report, Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City mayor, told Newsmax that what Fox News did to its former top personality Tucker Carlson was “despicable.”

Speaking on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Giuliani criticized Fox for dismissing Carlson and keeping him hostage with a non-compete deal. Giuliani also represented former President Donald Trump.

Giuliani thinks Fox is doing something awful with Tucker, saying he’s never observed an employer attempt to ruin an employee the way Fox is trying to destroy Tucker. 

According to Giuliani, Tucker Carlson should’ve won many Pulitzer Prizes for breaking articles that went against the grain and required a lot of courage since they revealed previously unknown information.

Giuliani’s remarks come against the background of Carlson’s termination and the anticipated legal fight regarding the terms of his employment, which he believes was repeatedly breached by officials at Fox.

Reports reveal that Carlson’s attorneys accused Fox chief legal and policy officer Viet D. Dinh and Fox board Chairman Rupert Murdoch of fraud and breach of contract for failing to uphold obligations to Carlson.

Carlson’s lawyers also claimed that Fox’s director of communications and public relations, Irena Briganti, had breached the contract by attempting to damage Carlson’s reputation and career.

Carlson has said that at a future, unspecified date, he would launch a new show on Twitter with several of his former producers.

According to a report, upon Tucker Carlson’s departure, one-fourth of American respondents surveyed by Economist/YouGov claimed they viewed Fox programming less often.

About two-thirds of respondents indicated they watched Fox News “about the same,” while 14% said they watched it “more often.”

Republicans have reported tuning out of Fox News after Carlson’s departure (36% of Republican respondents indicated they watched the channel less often now). Independents made up 26% of those who shared this view.