Ron DeSantis Wife Exposed as CNN Broadcaster Named “Jill”

To revitalize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s struggling campaign, his wife, Jill “Casey” DeSantis, is poised to assume a more prominent role. 

The campaign has experienced a period of stagnation, with DeSantis struggling to improve his poll numbers

While Donald Trump’s numbers continue to rise despite his legal challenges, DeSantis’s numbers are treading water. 

Many observers see Mrs. DeSantis’s involvement as crucial in countering her husband’s perceived detachment and reluctance to engage in grassroots politics. 

Rutgers University Center for American Women in Politics director Debbie Walsh suggests that the former CNN broadcaster and Golf Channel analyst will bring a human touch to her husband’s campaign and provide expertise in areas where Ron may be less skilled or experienced. 

However, Vanity Fair suggests that Jill’s active participation is nothing new. Ron DeSantis regularly seeks her counsel on various matters, including hiring decisions, media appearances, policy positions, and even wardrobe choices. 

She has been known to extend her support by writing thank-you notes and making phone calls on his behalf.

A video has surfaced featuring Jill “Casey Black” DeSantis, also known by her stage name, where she is seen promoting the neo-liberal Club for Growth. 

The Club for Growth had just given their endorsement to her husband, Ron DeSantis, when he was running for Congress.

In Troy, Ohio, Casey, 42, was born Jill Casey Black on June 26, 1980. She now prefers to use her middle name.

Casey had a highly notable career before marrying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’. She was awarded a Degree in Economics and a French minor at the College of Charleston, a public university.

It boasts a notable alumni network, including Allison Munn, known for her role in the TV series “One Tree Hill,” and Nafees Bin Zafar, an Academy Award-winning special effects expert. Nafees Bin Zafar serves as Principal Engineer at DreamWorks Animation and has contributed to acclaimed film franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek.

Jill and Ron DeSantis were married in 2009 at Disney World.