Ron DeSantis Vows To Fight Off Joe Biden’s Tyranny

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, revealed this week that he won’t be backing down on President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It comes after months of battling with the federal government as the Florida governor has attempted to protect businesses in his state and stop discrimination against people who prefer not to take the vaccine.

Despite encouraging people to take the vaccine, Governor DeSantis vowed in a press conference on Monday that he would defend the right of Florida first responders who worked throughout the pandemic, in the hospitals and medical facilities, not to take the vaccine if they do not wish to.

He also vowed that he will continue working to ensure that Floridians are safe and healthy, which he is doing by promoting early intervention and treatment for people who are infected by the virus.

DeSantis said that something this serious is “not something that should be coerced onto people” and that, instead, the vaccine should be made available to people to make the decision for themselves.

Focusing heavily on personal choice, DeSantis explained how he believes that the vaccine mandate will do more harm than good.

Instead of making people give in, DeSantis said that the vaccine mandate ismore likely to cause many people to “dig in their heels.”

How many people do you know are refusing to take the vaccine, especially now that Dictator Joe has told them they must take it?

DeSantis, who is widely believed to be a potential 2024 presidential contender, said that the policies of the Biden administration have repeatedly focused on hurting the state of Florida through the pandemic, from shutting down the cruise industry to implementing vax mandates.

He said that it’s “beyond just a mandate” and is the pretext to create an “unforeseen expansion” of government power.

Sounds right, doesn’t it?