Ron DeSantis Says Forget About Trump For 2024: “I’m An Executive Guy” 

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not officially entering the 2024 Republican presidential primary contest until the conclusion of the state legislative session, but he is acting as if he will.  

DeSantis self-praised his accomplishments in Florida and said he had provided GOP leaders with a “blueprint” to follow in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.  

About a month ago, DeSantis published “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival,” in which he details how he helped his state deal with the pandemic while also fighting off attacks from woke ideologues and repairing the damage done by President Joe Biden’s economic and border policies.  

To paraphrase DeSantis, “this nation is going to be in a really, very terrible position” if the Biden administration continues and they gain 10-15 seats in the House and a Senate seat or two. The most crucial information presented here is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has challenged the existing quo during the epidemic and Disney’s autonomy owing to its corporate liberalism. 

DeSantis denies being a Republican in Name Only (RINO) or being a part of the “establishment.” He also condemns Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for “weaponizing the prosecutorial authority of government” with the help of “George Soros-funded” campaigns.  

A key point in the interview is that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is speaking out against progressive prosecutors backed by George Soros, who is using the prosecution authority to further their political agenda. DeSantis warned that Republican supporters in liberal strongholds would be subjected to a double standard.  

Desantis let slip that he’ll be spending a lot of time away from the governor’s home in the near future, with promises to consider but postpone his toddler’s wishes to get a dog. He implied that he would not be at home often enough to properly care for a dog, which sounds like he intends to be on the campaign trail in the future. 

Asked if he would consider being Trump’s running mate, DeSantis said he is more of “an executive guy.”