Ron DeSantis Makes Big Promise

( On Tuesday, June 1, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act which limits participation in women’s sports to biological females only. The law encompasses all women’s sports from middle school through college and includes all intramural competitions in Florida.

In his press conference following the signing, DeSantis said in Florida decisions would be made based on biology, not ideology.

The objective of the law, DeSantis explained, was to ensure that women do not have to unfairly compete against men for scholarships or in competitions. Also contained in the law are civil remedies for women or girls who are discriminated against.

DeSantis vowed that Florida would stand up to pressure from both corporations and organizations like the NCAA, adding that these corporations and organization will not dictate the policies of Florida – “Not here. Not ever.”

DeSantis went on to say that if the price for protecting women and girls is Florida losing an event or two, “I would prefer to protect our girls every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

While corporate media portrays this and similar bills as an effort to discriminate against “transgendered,” DeSantis sees it differently. The law empowers women and girls to be able to “compete on a level playing field.” It protects opportunities for scholarships by ensuring women’s sports scholarships go to biological women.

Already the Human Rights Campaign has announced that it will sue Florida over the law. In a statement released last week, HRC took offense to DeSantis signing the law on “the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month” and so close to the 6th anniversary of terrorist attack at the gay nightclub “Pulse” in Orlando.

What the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub has to do with women’s sports is unclear, but HRC was mad about it.

Calling the law “discriminatory,” HRC President Alphonso David claimed protecting women and girls gets in the way of transgender rights.

David also accuses states like Florida of disguising “attacks on transgender youth” as protecting the rights of women and girls.

To the accusation that the Florida law “bans” biological boys from playing in sports if they claim to be transgender, DeSantis made it clear that these biological boys are not banned from sports. Instead they are free to compete men’s sports. Adding, “I can tell you in Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports.”