Ron DeSantis Launches Lawsuit Against FDA

( At a news conference last Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that his state had filed a lawsuit against the Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) over the postponement of a drug importation program that would reduce prescription drug costs. The Republican governor discussed the rising cost of prescription pharmaceuticals and the need to make them more accessible for Floridians during the announcement in Lakeland, Polk County.

The FDA has the authority to authorize programs that permit the import of medications from Canada, even though it is currently forbidden to bring unapproved prescription pharmaceuticals into the United States. Vermont became the first state in the US to implement a prescription medicine importation law in 2018, although their program has not yet received FDA approval.

According to reports, DeSantis first created the Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program (CPDI Program) and the International Prescription Drug Importation Program by signing the Prescription Drug Importation Programs bill (PDIP) into law in June 2019. The introduction of these programs would have reduced the cost of prescription drugs in the state, but 630 days after the FDA’s clearance application was submitted, the governor complained that the Biden administration was taking its time.

DeSantis explained that Florida had waited 630 days without receiving a response, and they had waited long enough. They have unlawfully and unjustly delayed Florida’s program’s approval, which he believes violates federal law.

DeSantis claims that the complaint asks the judge to sanction Florida’s proposed importation scheme and mandate an end to the FDA’s holdup.

Reports show Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit to force the FDA to accept Florida’s prescription drug importation proposal. Moody stated that she and Governor DeSantis are fighting to lower prescription drug costs, but Washington bureaucrats are blocking our efforts.

Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Simone Marstiller remarked that with each passing day, the complacency of the federal government continues to appear to be a ruse to protect the pharmaceutical industry’s power over patients.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done until the Biden Administration and its hacks have been removed.