Ron DeSantis Is Suddenly Against Putting Tariffs On China

The foreign policy stance Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has taken in the past against China has made him a significant player in the contest for the US presidency in 2024. To challenge China, he signed legislation to deepen business relations between Florida and Japan. DeSantis used the culture war to deal with China’s concerns, simplifying complicated problems into cultural warfare. He has prevented Chinese nationals from acquiring agricultural land, land near military posts, and essential infrastructure in Florida and has prohibited the use of the app TikTok in schools and on government computers.

DeSantis wants to export his ideological anti-China stance around the globe; he calls his bill a “blueprint” for protecting US interests from adversaries. He is proud of his forceful stance, calling his legislation a “blueprint” to protect American goods from the outside.

By emphasizing the intellectual and cultural dimensions of the China-U.S. struggle, DeSantis hoped to set himself apart from the Republican Party’s frontrunner, former President Donald Trump. Many Americans now view China as a threat because of Trump, yet he mainly focused on economic issues. On the other hand, DeSantis was more concerned with “law and order” and gave greater weight to potential national security risks from China than he does to China-U.S. commerce because of his background as an attorney.

On Monday, however, Ron DeSantis went to a Silicon Valley, California fundraiser. During the fundraiser, DeSantis expressed his opposition to tariffs on China. 

John Hamilton, who donated to McCarthy, Romney, and Ryan, hosted the fundraiser. 

Ken Griffin, a pro-China globalist, controls DeSantis’ foreign policy.

During the airing of an interview in which Donald Trump stated he would tariff China and Ron DeSantis would not, Ron DeSantis pledged his allegiance to Silicon Valley elites.

DeSantis follows Paul Ryan’s playbook based on his recent stances and upcoming events.