Ron DeSantis Calls Out the Elites for Creating a “Servant Class”

( This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the country’s elites for their hypocrisy over masks, arguing that they are creating a “two-tiered society” consisting of the elites and a “servant class.”

DeSantis pointed out all the public events where the wealthy swells go maskless to hobnob together drinking, dancing, and having a good time while the employees working the events are required to be masked.

The most notable example of this was the Met Gala in September where wealthy, maskless elites and celebrities like the odious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gathered in their expensive gowns and were waited on by minimum-wage employees all hidden behind masks.

DeSantis, who never issued a statewide mask mandate in Florida, took a shot at these elites for demanding the people waiting on them wear masks while they go maskless. He concluded that what these elites want is to create a 2-tiered society where the rules apply to everyone but them. The elites in this country, DeSantis explained, want to have a servant class that they can lecture about wearing masks while they go maskless.

DeSantis suggested that one reason businesses and venues require masks on servers is they may get one customer who complains if an employee isn’t wearing a mask. He argued that it was time to stop letting one complaining person call the shots and “veto what’s right.”

He boasted that Florida’s hospitality industry is doing very well lately because people know they can come to Florida and “be treated with respect” and as free citizens. Visitors to Florida know they won’t be required to show proof of vaccination to get a beer or to eat out. DeSantis then urged business owners to “let these folks breathe” and let them make their own decisions.

DeSantis pointed out that masking servers while letting the guests go maskless isn’t based on science. Instead, it is just for show.

He reiterated that there shouldn’t be two sets of rules – one for the elites and one for everyone else – and urged that the country give everyone the chance to exercise free choice.