RFK Assassin Denied Parole 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Sirhan Sirhan, the man responsible for the 1968 assassination of Senator and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, was refused parole by a California panel on Wednesday, with the reasoning that the 78-year-old inmate still lacks insight into what prompted him to kill Kennedy.  

A previous parole board had judged Sirhan eligible for release two years before, but Governor Gavin Newson overrode their decision.  

Angela Berry, Sirhan’s attorney, contended that the new board members were swayed by Newsom and the attorneys representing Kennedy’s widow and some of his children, despite the fact that Sirhan’s doctors have indicated for decades that he is unlikely to reoffend or be a risk to society.  

The hearing before the parole board comes about six months after Berry requested a Los Angeles County court to overturn Newsom’s decision, and Berry said it was unclear how Wednesday’s refusal by the board would influence the case. During a press conference held by Berry in September, Sirhan recorded a 3-and-a-half-minute message in which he expressed his regret for his actions and his commitment to changing his life for the better. He also said he was teaching other inmates the value of nonviolence and working to better himself. 

In 1968, Sirhan shot and killed Kennedy just after the New York senator had declared victory in the crucial Democratic presidential primary in California. In the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel, he shot and injured five additional people. Christian Palestinian from Jordan with childhood trauma from the Middle East bombs Sirhan has said he was upset with Kennedy for his support of Israel, but he claims he doesn’t recall the shooting and was drunk just before it. His death sentence was converted to life in prison because the California Supreme Court temporarily banned the death penalty in 1972. He was turned down for parole 15 times until the board finally approved his release in 2021. 

If he is granted parole, his younger brother, Munir Sirhan, has offered for him to go in with him in Pasadena. The board refused Sirhan parole for three years on Wednesday, although he has until his 17th parole hearing to submit a petition asking for an earlier hearing. The decision was divisive among the Kennedy family, with RFK’s wife, Ethel Kennedy, and many of his nine surviving children strongly disagreeing with the parole decision.