REVEALED: Covid Vaccine Will Be Available Within Weeks

( On Tuesday it was revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the COVID-19 vaccine will be first available “probably by the end of the second week in December.”

CDC Director Robert Redfield announced the news on an episode of “The Daily Briefing” on Fox News, describing how the vaccine will first roll out in a “hierarchical way.” He said that patients and residents in nursing homes will be among the first people to get the vaccine, along with a “combination of health care providers and individuals at high risk for a poor outcome.”

It means that those with the lowest risk of contracting or suffering severe symptoms of the virus will be the last on the list to receive the vaccine, though it may only be a matter of weeks before the vaccine becomes more widely available.

The United States has already announced two effective and safe COVID-19 vaccines, and on Monday, British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced that their vaccine developed with the University of Oxford has also been proven effective. The British vaccine is up to 90% effective and will be easier to vaccine owing to the fact that it does not need to be stored at freezing temperatures.

Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical company that was the first to announce an effective vaccine, said on November 9 that their product was 90% effective at protecting people from the disease. It will be one of two vaccines set to be distributed in the United States, the other one coming from Moderna.

Should the vaccines be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, as is expected to happen, the government could reportedly have access to over a billion doses by 2021. With vaccines requiring two doses to work, it would mean that almost the entire population of the United States will have access to the vaccine. At the very least, those most vulnerable to the virus will certainly be able to access the vaccine within months.

Remember when the media was saying President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was dangerous and ineffectual?

It almost makes you think they might have waited until after the election to announce the good news one purpose…