Retired Veteran Challenges Dem’s Senate Seat

Hung Cao, a Republican and Navy veteran, declared his candidacy on Tuesday to replace Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine in Virginia. 

The United States welcomed Cao’s family as refugees in 1975, and he has never forgotten their kindness. However, he does not want to see the country fall prey to the same evil that led him here.

The 51-year-old father of five can be seen in his announcement video beating his fist against wood, saying that this is the most terrifying sound one can hear when living in a communist country.

A veteran of special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, Cao slams his fist again, remembering his Vietnamese parents’ cry when their husbands and dads were kidnapped from them in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

The senatorial candidate made the knocking noises, implying that two dozen armed agents were on their way to the home of a pro-life activist to arrest him in front of his family.

After Saigon fell to communist North Vietnamese forces in 1975, the retired navy captain and his family were among the more than 3 million people who fled Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Cao drew parallels between Saigon’s collapse to the communists and the United States deterioration under the Biden administration, implying that the dread of an unknown visitor was no longer exclusive to communist nations.

Our country, he believes, has turned a corner for the worse.

Joe Biden’s Internal Revenue Service is raiding a gun shop and seizing law-abiding gun owners’ personal information, including names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.

Cao says that Joe Biden has arrested his opponent in the upcoming election, a former U.S. president. This is being interpreted as an attempt to persecute Trump politically.

He said Biden has an exemption from accountability on par with tyrants. 

Cao warned that the United States faces grave challenges and urged that strong leaders be elected to office in Washington. He has served for 25 years in the United States Navy and claims he is not yet through defending the country.

Building the wall and providing help to border states are both central to Cao’s platform and his policy views to fight the invasion at the southern border. Cao also wants to increase school choice, combat woke brainwashing, and defend parents’ rights.

Virginia Democratic Party Chair Susan Swecker said Hung Cao is too radical to serve in the Senate.

What’s the radical part? 

Protecting borders? Parental rights? School choice?