Republicans Win Giant Victory After Democrat Candidate Concedes

( With one Colorado race still up in the air, Republican John Duarte won a close congressional race against California Democrat Adam Gray, giving the GOP a projected 221 seats in the House in 2019.

According to a report, California’s 13th Congressional District was created through a once-every-ten-years redistricting process, so there was no incumbent in that race. According to a local newspaper, the district passes through a section of farmland in the Central Valley and has more registered Democrats than Republicans.

Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Alex Padilla, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, all Democrats from California, supported Gray,  a former state assembly member.

Gray stated that while he had hoped for a different result, he accepted the results and called to congratulate his opponent. This was one of the closest races in the nation.

According to reports, Duarte won by a margin of fewer than 600 votes.

Duarte, a farmer and businessman from California pledged to fight against the high cost of living, defend farms, and combat crime in all of his state’s communities.

Duarte explained that he vowed to be the Valley’s families’ bipartisan champion in Washington, D.C., fighting to keep us fed, have gas in our cars, and have water for our farms. He promised to go to D.C. and do precisely that.

Just a few weeks before the midterm elections, Duarte appeared on Fox News to talk about the high taxes in California and Gov. Gavin Newsom, whom he dubbed the “woke Moses.”

Duarte remarked that In the nation, California taxes are the highest. They continue to place the Socialist burden on prosperous retirees and business owners while ruling California on all cylinders.  Duarte claimed that Newsom’s policies are to blame for a record number of families leaving the Golden State.

The only midterm election that has not yet been declared is the reelection campaign of Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert. Reports show that as the race moves to a recount, she has a slight lead over Democrat Adam Frisch, who conceded the election last month.

Duarte only needs to follow the Constitution and honor his constituents’ requests. Let’s hope he succeeds.