Republicans Making Substantial Gains With Hispanic Voters: NRCC Poll

( Republican candidates across the country are continuing a trend started by former President Donald Trump and picking up Hispanic voters in increasing numbers. That’s the finding from a new poll released by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

In the new Battleground Survey Project, the data shows how Republicans have made major inroads with Hispanic voters in 47 battleground districts across the country.

In 2020, exit polls showed how Hispanic voters voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, choosing the party 63% to the Republicans’ 36% in congressional races that year. However, according to the latest data, that number has become much, much more competitive.

The NRCC claims that the Democrats have an advantage of just 7 percentage points, with 44% support among Hispanics compared to the Republicans’ 37% support.

While the Republicans are making inroads, it also appears as though the Democrats are losing support. That was echoed by the NRCC, which issued a statement claiming that Hispanic voters are “moving decisively away from Democrats.”

“Republicans are making substantial gains with Hispanic voters because of our focus on economic issues such as the cost of gas and groceries,” Tom Emmer, the chairman of the NRCC said in a statement.

The data also revealed how Hispanic American voters are not so happy with President Joe Biden’s performance in the White House so far. 46% approved of the job he was doing and another 46% didn’t approve. Some 37% said that they “strongly disapprove” of what the president is doing, and only 23% said that they “strongly approve.”

It means that while Hispanic voters are technically divided over Biden’s performance as he enters his second year of the presidency, they are also technically more likely to strongly disapprove of the job he’s doing.

Even those who approve of him aren’t so happy.

That’s a bad sign for the Democrats as we head towards this year’s midterm elections…