Republican Star Worried About Chinese Spies Involved In Student Exchange Program

( One of the Republicans who challenged Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in this week’s primary recently did an interview where she blasted both Governor Kemp and his other Republican challenger, former Senator David Purdue, over their alleged links to the Communist Chinese.

Kandiss Taylor, who came in a far distant third in Tuesday’s primary, vowed to deploy the Georgia National Guard to arrest anyone who commits treason.

Kemp was attacked for inviting the electric vehicle company Rivian Automotive to bring a manufacturing plant to Georgia. While bringing jobs to Georgia is a good thing, this was attacked because George Soros and Jeff Bezos are among Rivian’s investors.

David Purdue was attacked for purchasing stock in Pfizer shortly after US Senators were briefed on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. Taylor also accused the former Senator of making deals with China when he was in the Senate.

Kemp was also attacked for meeting with the consul general for the Chinese consulate in Houston in 2019 to “make deals with the Chinese Communist Party.”

That consulate was shut down in July 2020 after US officials alleged it was part of a larger CCP effort to use diplomatic facilities around the US to conduct espionage operations to steal US intellectual property.

You can watch the interview with Kandiss Taylor HERE.

Governor Kemp handily defeated Purdue and Taylor in Tuesday’s primary, winning every county and garnering 73.7 percent of the vote.

Purdue came in a distant second place with only 21.8 percent of the vote while Kandiss Taylor trailed far behind in third place, with 3.4 percent.