Republican Senator Rick Scott Criticizes the US Armed Forces: ‘Our Military Has Become the Woke Military’

( During an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News on Friday, Republican Senator for Florida Rick Scott slammed the United States military leadership for obsessing over “woke politics.” He also criticized President Joe Biden over his poor handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Mediaite reported on the interview, and if you read it you’ll quickly realize what the outlet was trying to do. In the second paragraph of the report, the writer attempted to paint Senator Scott as erratic, describing how he used the topic of illegal immigration and the drug crisis as a “jumping-off point to bounce from topic-to-topic while slamming Biden.”

Scott told Bartiromo that roughly 100,000 people in the United States died a year ago from drug overdoses and that President Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be doing anything about the crisis. He then noted how Biden has allowed the military to go woke, while abandoning his duty as commander in chief to use the might of the United States military to protect Americans and our allies.

“We lost all of those people in Afghanistan, and Biden’s like, ‘oh we did a great job,’’ he quipped.

Mediaite reporter Ken Meyer then claimed that Scott “declined to explain why the military is now the ‘woke military,’” in a partisan effort to paint Scott as a liar. Meter then claimed that Scott did not provide evidence that the military has “been rendered ineffectual by being conscientious of social justice.”

We get it, Ken. You’re woke, too.

If he’s looking for evidence, here it is.

In 2021, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was fired as the commander of the United States Space Force for speaking out about the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the armed forces. He revealed how videos being used for educational purposes in the Department of Defense claimed that white people are “inherently evil.”

Is that woke enough for you, Ken?

Heritage also provided a lengthy report on this topic. So, don’t take Mediaite’s word for it. The military is woke and Senator Scott is right.