Reporter Asks Biden If NFL Is Getting Too Dangerous

( A reporter asked President Joe Biden for his take on whether the NFL is getting too dangerous days after Buffalo Bills star safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, according to Mediaite.

The game between the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals has been postponed after Hamlin spontaneously suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field when tackling Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Although it did not seem to be a violent hit, Hamlin’s chest reportedly appeared to take most of the contact. Hamlin jumped to his feet after the tackle but almost immediately fell back.

20 minutes after the injury, the game was postponed.

A marketing representative for Hamlin released an update later into the night confirming that Hamlin’s vitals had been back to normal and he was put to sleep so that a breathing tube could be put down his throat. Doctors reportedly said that Hamlin’s health was moving in a “positive direction.”

Speculation arose on Twitter about the cause of the cardiac arrest and why this has been happening to athletes around the world.

While preparing to depart Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport in Hebron, Kentucky on Wednesday last week, Biden fielded some questions from reporters. One reporter asked him if the NFL is too dangerous.

“Look, the idea that you’re going to have—look, you got guys that are 6’8”, 340 pounds running a 4.8 40. I mean, you know, you hit somebody with that kind of force,” Biden said, adding that hitting someone with that kind of force did not happen in this instance.

He also implied that it would a good idea to “work like hell” on helmets and concussion protocols, conceding that the game is dangerous, and people have to acknowledge that. He was then asked what his message was to the football player and his family.

“I spoke to his mother and father at length,” the president answered.