Reporter Asks About Trump After Democrat Lawmaker Killed A Journalist

( On Thursday, a reporter asked the Sheriff of Las Vegas whether or not former President Donald Trump is to blame for the alleged murder of an investigative reporter by a Democrat last week.

Robert Telles, a Democratic candidate for public administrator in Clark County, was taken into custody on Wednesday in connection with the stabbing death of Jeff German, an investigative reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Before the reporter stupidly asked whether or not Trump was connected in any way to the alleged involvement of Telles, she said out loud that “now was probably not the appropriate moment to discuss politics.” The sheriff interrupted her and asked, “Then why are we discussing politics in this setting?”

The journalist followed up by grilling the sheriff about whether he believes that “former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists” contributed to the slaying of the journalist.

On Friday of last week, a *democrat* elected official in the state of Nevada is suspected of stabbing an investigative reporter to death. Not a Maga follower.

According to the sheriff, he does not believe that President Trump had any effect on the homicide.

On Wednesday, the authorities carried out the search warrant that had been issued for Telles’ residence. According to a report from the Review-Journal, German had been allegedly working on an article on Telles during the week that he was murdered. Recent demands for communications and emails between Telles and other county officials have been submitted as public records requests by the publication. The previous few months were spent by German reporting on Telles’ oversight of the public administrator’s office.

German had spent a lot of time on this. Following the publication of German’s investigation in June, Telles was unsuccessful in his campaign to be reelected. German had uncovered charges that Telles had fostered a hostile work environment that included favoritism and bullying among his employees.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is so engrained in the minds of the left that everything, even the slightest bit uncomfortable, must somehow be blamed on him. It’s as if they believe they were living in Utopia before Trump came along.