Reporter Arrested After Asking Simple Question

A journalist in Canada was detained by law enforcement for just asking a question.

Rebel News’ David Menzies asked Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on Monday as to why the Canadian government does not consider the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran to be a terrorist group.

Freeland was departing from a memorial service for the 55 Canadians lost in 2020 when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down an Iranian rocket launched from Tehran. The incident was declared an act of terrorism by Ontario’s Superior Court at the time. The plane crashed, killing everyone on board.

Two members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police forcefully took hold of Menzies and pounded him against a nearby wall while yelling, “Sir, you’re under arrest for assault.” Explaining that he was only attempting to inquire of the deputy prime minister, Menzies extended his press credentials to Freeland’s bodyguards.

After staring at Menzies for a while, the guard said he was being arrested for pushing Freeland. The officer’s story changed when Menzies demanded to know what he had done wrong; he now said the reporter was being held for “assaulting a police officer.”

The second officer who spoke with Menzies noted he was being very “aggressive” and “nearly knocking people over.” The officer said, “There were a lot of moving feet,” in response to Menzies’s assertion that he could prove he hadn’t pushed anybody because the event was recorded on film. After that, while stating, “Don’t struggle,” the uniformed cops cuffed Menzies and forced his face against a wall.

The newscaster yelled out, “I’m only doing my duties.” He addressed the camera, saying, “This is how they treat journalists.”

In response to the arrest, Elon Musk—X owner and Tesla founder—commented that Trudeau and the Liberal Party “won’t make it beyond the next election.”

It has been revealed that members of the Conservative Party would initiate a parliamentary probe into the arrest of Menzies.