REPORT: Mitt Romney Might Join Democrats Plan To Take Over Democracy

( This week, the click-bait site The Gateway Pundit tried to panic its readers into believing that the Senate Republicans’ RINO members would betray Republicans and vote for the Democrats’ election takeover bills.

It published a post titled “Will RINO Republican Senators Like Romney or Murkowski Vote with Democrats on HR1 Ending Free and Fair Elections in the US?”

Of course, the answer to the question is a resounding “No, they won’t.”

But the purpose of the post wasn’t to report reality but to fearmonger for clicks.

Not one Republican voted in support of these election takeover bills. Not one.

The Gateway Pundit argued that the RINOs might vote for it to stop Trump. But these election takeover bills have nothing to do with Trump. The objective is to ensure that all safeguards to maintain election integrity are lifted so Democrats can cheat their way to victory.

No Republican, including the RINOs, would support that kind of legislation.

And on Thursday, the motion to end debate failed, with every Republican voting to block it, including Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski.

There was never a possibility that a single Republican would support this unconstitutional legislation.

But since leftwing activists were making noise about lobbying the squishy RINOs to gain their support, The Gateway Pundit simply concluded that we should all be afraid that the activists might succeed.

But the activists were pinning their hopes on smoke. They were just as unsuccessful badgering RINO Republicans on the election bills as they were when they badged Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to abandon their long-held position on maintaining the filibuster.

After Republicans blocked the vote on the two election takeover bills, Chuck Schumer forced a vote to change the filibuster rules, despite knowing full well it would fail.

And it failed. All fifty Republicans plus Sinema and Manchin voted to keep the filibuster rule in place.

At this point, the Democrats’ attempt to federalize US election laws is dead.

That won’t stop the Democrats from exploiting it during the Midterm elections.

As soon as the bills died in the Senate, Democrats, including President Biden, began floating their own Big Lie narrative that we cannot trust the legitimacy of the 2022 midterm elections unless these unconstitutional bills are passed.