Ray Romano Reveals “How Everybody Loves Raymond” Was Named

The name of a TV show can have as much influence on its success as the writing or actors. Maybe “Cheers” should have been named “Everybody Knows Your Name?” 

One such show is “Everybody Loves Raymond.” How did this iconic classic TV show get its catchy name? 

Comedic actor Ray Romano revealed the genesis of the show’s name in a “Good Morning America” interview. 

Romano’s brother, a New York City policeman, coined the name in a sarcastic remark about him being shot at doing his job, but that everybody loves Raymond when Ray goes to work. 

Romano wasn’t excited about the show’s name, but studio executives said they would only use it as a working title while it was being written and created. 

The more it was used, the more studio heads liked it and wanted it for the show’s name. Romano felt that if there were bad reviews, he’d read “Not Everybody Loves Raymond.” 

Studio heads had the last word, and ‘Everybody Loves Raymond” became a hit TV show.

The show earned 15 Primetime Emmy awards during its nine-year run, from 1996 until 2005. Romano won outstanding actor in a Comedy, and the series picked up two wins as outstanding comedy series. 

In addition to Ray Romano’s lead character, Ray Barone, the cast included Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Doris Roberts, and Peter Boyle. 

In the show’s storyline, Ray Barone has a beautiful family, a good job, and a lovely Long Island home. It’s the perfect life except for his jealous brother and obnoxious parents who, as luck would have it live across the street and are always giving the happy couple daily grief. 

During the series, Ray would call Debra (Patricia Heaton) a different name each time he came home. Romano improvised all the names and could come up with as many names as there were takes on the show. 

The show ended its nine-year run in 2005, with Romano remarking in the interview that it felt like it was another lifetime.