Rand Paul Says SCOTUS Leaker Is Trying To Stoke Violence

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On Thursday’s episode of “Fox & Friends” on FNC, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) addressed the threats of violence that have been made at the justices of the United States Supreme Court if Roe v. Wade is reversed.

Because protesters were gathering outside the residences of judges, Paul implied that the source of the leak was “seeking to provoke violence.” He pleaded with the demonstrators to “cool down” and behave civilized rather than participating in disruptive behavior.

Paul stated that as someone who had experienced a significant amount of violence, when he was swarmed with his wife by more than one hundred people in Washington, D.C., He had six ribs fractured in a politically driven, cowardly attack from behind. Yes, he was on the ballfield with Steve Scalise when he was shot. Therefore he’s been a witness to political violence firsthand.

He said that this is the reason why leaking this Roe ruling early is not only a breach of etiquette; it is also a breach of trust. The actual issue here is that someone is inciting and trying to foment violence, and as a result, he has a great deal of fear for the judges on our Supreme Court. He believes it’s essential for people to realize disorderly behavior is not protected by the First Amendment.

Paul said he is as staunch a defender of the First Amendment as anyone, but you have no right to shout in such a way that keeps others in the area awake all night long. It seems to me that you are violating their right to privacy and trespassing on their private property. Even if you are standing on the sidewalk, you have no right to keep people up all night, and you should be arrested for disorderly conduct if you continue to do so.

The senator said that it was a huge error whoever did this, and whatever clerk did this, or whatever person at the Supreme Court did this, should be fired, but he thinks they should be prosecuted and barred from practicing law.

“This constitutes a very severe crime,” he concluded.