Rand Paul Says Health Authoritarians Are “Hysterical About The Unvaccinated”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Last week, Senator Rand Paul hammered Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for denying natural immunity and accusing anyone who talks about it of being “flat-earthers.”

The exchange is one for the record books. Not only did Senator Paul expose Becerra for the idiot he is, but he also showed that the man Joe Biden placed at the head of Health and Human Services has no business in the job.

After that epic takedown, Senator Paul appeared on The Ingraham Angle on Fox News where he argued that, when it comes to unvaccinated people, health officials are acting hysterical and making claims that are “actually the opposite of the truth.”

Paul told Laura Ingraham that those who contracted COVID and survived are at more risk when around only vaccinated people, explaining that the riskiest people to catch COVID from are the ones who are vaccinated rather than those who have contracted the disease and recovered.

Senator Paul recommended that those who have not been vaccinated who haven’t contracted COVID should get the vaccine. However, he emphasized that it should be their choice.

Paul pointed out that those who developed natural immunity, especially those who spent the last year and a half treating COVID patients, are now being treated as worthless and expendable by the very hospitals that employ them because they won’t get the vaccine.

Paul tells Ingraham that nothing about that is based on science, especially since the science shows that those with natural immunity have greater protection from COVID than those who have been vaccinated.

Senator Paul also had some harsh words for his Democrat colleague Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein has attempted to introduce legislation banning all unvaccinated Americans from domestic travel. Paul called her legislation “a terrible idea,” adding “it goes against the basic idea of a free society.”

Watch the segment of the Ingraham Angle HERE.

The website Becker’s Hospital Review has been keeping a running tally of hospitals in the US that have terminated unvaccinated healthcare workers. The list is long and the total number fired is in the thousands. But even Becker’s Hospital Review concedes that the list is far from exhaustive.