Rand Paul Says GOP Will Be Destroyed If Establishment Pushes Trump Impeachment

(FreedomBeacon)- Libertarian Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky warned the GOP last week that if they continue to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump, who has since left office, then they are risking their future as a political movement in the United States.

Speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Paul said that the Republicans would see a mass exodus from the party is establishment GOP figures go along with the vindictive second impeachment of President Donald Trump which was based on an incorrect assertion that the president incited violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t often get asked my advice from leadership how they should react,” Paul told Ingraham. “My unsolicited suggestion would be this: they will destroy the Republican Party if leadership is complicit with an impeachment or leadership votes for an impeachment, they will destroy the party.”

Paul even suggested that the GOP could lose a third of its own party.

“Impeachment is purely a partisan thing. It’s for these moral ‘Oh I’m so much better than you and you’re a bad person because I’m so moral’, it’s for these kind of people to do this,” Paul added.

“I didn’t agree with the fight that happened last week, and I voted against overturning the election,” Paul said about Republican efforts to object to the certification of the Electoral College votes. “But at the same time, the impeachment is a wrongheaded, partisan notion. But if Republicans go along with it, it will destroy the party, a third of the Republicans will leave the party.”

The impeachment battle began when a group of extremists, consisting of neo-Nazis, some Antifa, and even a CNN reporter decided to violently assault police officers and break into the Capitol Building on the day of a pro-Trump peaceful protest.

The FBI has since said that the violence seen on Capitol Hill on the day of the Joint Session of Congress was pre-organized and began before President Donald Trump had finished his speech. Nonetheless, the president also condemned the violence repeatedly and called for peace on his Twitter account on the day.

With President Joe Biden now inaugurated and the Democrats preparing to take control of the Senate, it is only a matter of days before we find out just how vindictive the Democrats are…and whether the GOP establishment will support them in their efforts to convict President Trump despite having already left the White House.