Race Relation Hits 20 Year Low

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In a sliding trend that began after the violent unrest following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Gallup reports that positive race relations between black and white Americans are now at the lowest point in more than twenty years.

In 2013, 70 percent of Americans said race relations were very/somewhat good, and only 30 percent believed they were very/somewhat bad.

Then Black Lives Matter came on the scene and those numbers took an immediate nosedive. Just two years later, 53 percent believed race relations were very/somewhat bad while only 47 percent believed they were very/somewhat good.

Today 57 percent say relations between black and white Americans are very/somewhat bad while only 42 percent say they are very/somewhat good.

This is what happens when identity politics overtakes US public policy. Focusing on race is inherently divisive.

As Jesse Kelly said on Twitter Thursday, calling blacks oppressed and whites oppressors has created this racial divide, adding “All skin color activism is poison.”

When Americans can’t get away from the constant drumbeat of racial animus churned out by Hollywood, the corporate news media, politicians, major corporations, public schools and grievance activists, this is the result.

When all Americans see and hear every day on television and in social media is racial discord, why would they believe any differently?

Looking at the graph from Gallup, it is impossible not to conclude that the driving force behind this decline is the media’s obsession with all things racial. It’s almost as if the goal is to divide us.

This is the reason there is such strong opposition to Critical Race Theory and racial identarian instruction in schools. American children are being taught to view themselves and others through the prism of skin color. And it is hurting the country.

This didn’t just happen naturally; it was done by design. And there is no doubt that the rise over the last few years of this “Anti-Racism/White Fragility” movement is fueling much of the divide.

There is a measure of hope, however. A majority of Americans, 57 percent, believe that a solution to the problem will be worked out eventually and race relations will not remain so fractured. Only 40 percent believe it will never improve.