Queen Elizabeth Ends Death Rumors In Newly Released Photo

(FreedomBeacon.com)- You may have seen reports from Hollywood Unlocked recently that claimed Queen Elizabeth II, the 95-year-old Queen of England, had died. The reports went viral and the author of the story and the founder of the site, Jason Lee, insisted that his reporting was accurate.

“We don’t post lies,” he said when his article’s accuracy was questioned.

But it looks as though he, at the very least, posted something poorly source…because the Queen is very much alive.

Despite suffering from a COVID-19 infection, the Queen is reportedly performing “light duties.” Photographs have also emerged of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who smiled for the cameras during the second day of her tour of Denmark. It was an indication that the Royal Family is going about their business as normal and are not mourning the death of the Queen.

Royal protocol requires members of the Royal Family to always take a black outfit with them in case a member of the family dies during the trip. In the photographs, however, the Duchess of Cambridge can be seen wearing a stylish gray coat and colorful clothes.

The article from Hollywood Unlocked was first posted on Tuesday. The story claimed that the Queen had been found dead before she was expected to attend the wedding of Edward Enninful, the editor of British Vogue. However, it was pretty quickly pointed out that the Queen does not attend celebrity weddings and certainly wasn’t on the list to attend this one.

Some have even speculated that Hollywood Unlocked confused the Queen with Mark Lanegan, the Queens of the Stone Age singer who was found dead on Tuesday.

That’s some pretty lazy reporting.