Queen Elizabeth Appointed A Prime Minster 2 Days Before Her Death

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Just two days ago, Queen Elizabeth II was seen standing and smiling as she carried out the constitutional duty of asking a new Prime Minister to form a government. She demonstrated her lifetime commitment to serve the nation till the end.

As reported, The United Kingdom has had a turbulent week. There is a new King, a new Prime Minister, and a new cabinet all in the space of two days.

Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at the age of 96, will be evaluated by how she fulfilled her commitment to her country in 1947, five years before ascending to the throne.

Historical reports show that on her 21st birthday, Princess Elizabeth delivered a radio address to the Commonwealth. She declared that her whole life would be devoted to her people’s service and the service of the great imperial family to which they all belonged.

She kept her pledge.

Despite her visibly weak health, the Queen personally performed crucial constitutional tasks, shunning the easier choices.

Reports show that Queen Elizabeth, as the personal personification of the state, accepted former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation. She then invited Liz Truss, the leader of Britain’s largest political party, to form a new government and become Prime Minister shortly afterward.

All fourteen other instances of this occurring during the Queen’s 70-year reign occurred in Buckingham Palace in London, but the Queen was at her house in Scotland in northern Britain and was thought too weak to travel, so the MPs traveled to her.

While it is evident now that the Queen was ill, Elizabeth II was pictured at the event standing with a cane, smiling, and shaking the hand of the new leader of the British government.

While the great majority of people in and out of government would have rightfully retired decades before their 96th birthday, the Queen continued to participate in public engagements, albeit in smaller numbers in recent years. The Queen has, as promised, committed her “whole life” to service.