Putin’s Secret Spies Finally Unmasked

(FreedomBeacon.com)- After Russia invaded Ukraine, rumors began to swirl over the appearance of dozens of red and green luminescent crosses painted on the rooftops of structures in cities throughout Ukraine, including the western city of Lviv not far from the border with Belarus.

Some speculated that the crosses were painted on roofs to assist Russian bombers to pinpoint their targets. While others suspected the crosses were painted weeks ahead of the invasion not to guide bombers, but Putin’s paratroopers.

It was believed the green crosses indicated a good drop-zone whereas the red crosses indicated danger.

Last Sunday, Ukrainian defense forces claimed that Russia had deployed “sleeper agents” into the country months before the invasion began to mark buildings, roads, and other key infrastructure with luminescent markers to improve air strike accuracy and missile strike precision.

The Lviv Regional Government alleged that these sleeper agents began infiltrating major Ukrainian cities as early as December 2021.

As the rumors were flying, video footage and still images taken by local news outlets as well as independent journalists, citizens, military personnel, and civilian militias began appearing on social media platforms that allegedly document these efforts of the “sleeper agents.”

Meanwhile, local governments have been calling on residents to keep an eye out for any unusual markings. Residents have been told to cover the markings then report their location to authorities.

In Lviv over the weekend, volunteers began scouring the streets at night when the luminescent markings are most visible to cover them from view. Last Sunday volunteers discovered 40 crosses throughout Lviv and its surrounding suburbs.

According to a report in Newsmax last Sunday, Ukrainians have allegedly found some of these Russian sleeper agents and have reported them to local authorities and militias who are interrogating them. Whether the information provided to Newsmax is accurate is anybody’s guess.

Information coming out of Ukraine has been sketchy throughout the first week of the conflict, with many initial explosive stories getting quickly debunked or corrected.