Putin Suggests A Giant “Freeze” Is Coming Soon

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In his speech to the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russian President Putin emphasized that his country “lost nothing” in initiating the special operation in neighboring Ukraine.

Reports show that many Russians may disagree about not losing anything, considering that the Russian military force suffered many deaths and injuries over the previous six months.

However, in this case, Putin’s message was primarily directed at the West, with whom the Kremlin is engaged in economic and energy warfare. And a proxy war in Eastern Europe.

In a wide-ranging address before the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Putin attacked the West’s continued “sanctions fever.” The Chinese delegation was the largest in attendance.

According to Vladimir Putin, the fallout from EU and US-led sanctions and measures to decouple from Russian fossil fuels is destroying life in the West. Production and employment in Europe are closing one after the other. He believes it is due to Western elites who refuse or cannot recognize reality.

European populations could freeze to death if leaders who want to lash out emotionally in response to the Ukraine invasion deny vital Russian energy.
Reports show that Putin told the crowd that if Europe gave him turbines, he would switch on Nord Stream tomorrow. He called the EU-mulled price cap on Russian oil and gas a ‘stupidity.’ There are contractual duties, and if any political decisions contradict them, Putin will not perform them.

Putin stated he would not provide gas, oil, or coal if it opposed Russia’s business interests.
One of the realities that Western politicians refuse to admit is that countries that purchase Russian energy are in no position to dictate their will. This is why Putin stated that Russia has not lost anything and will not lose anything after invading Ukraine. His advantage is strengthening sovereignty.
According to reports, Putin explained that the EU authorities deny European enterprises access to raw resources, energy, and markets. As a result, Europeans’ declining living standards and growing inflation will continue to be sacrificed to American interests until these officials eventually come to their senses.
Russia does to Europe what the Middle East does to America.
Whoever controls your energy also controls you.