Putin Suffers Serious Side Effects From COVID Vaccine

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin told the press on Sunday that he experienced some minor side effects after taking the Russia=developed COVID-19 vaccine.

Russia famously began using its COVID vaccine months before the West, without performing trials as extensive as those used to verify the safety of the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines. The “Sputnik V” vaccine as it was called surprised the whole world when it was distributed at the end of last year, with international medical organizations raising eyebrows.

Speaking to the Rossiya 1 TV channel, Putin said he woke up the following morning and felt pain.

“I woke up the next morning after the vaccination and it seemed to me I felt slight pain in muscles,” he said. “I took a thermometer…my temperature was normal.”

Putin also confirmed that he felt uncomfortable in the region of his body that the vaccine was injected. He did not, however, reveal which vaccine he received, choosing instead to dismissing the question and saying that only the doctor who administered the injection knows which one he received.

Though the vaccine didn’t go through the same rigorous testing as Western variants at the beginning, interim results from a trial recently published in a British medical journal, The Lancet, shows that Sputnik V is effective and safe to use.

So President Putin might not have anything to worry about, but the side effects are interesting to say the least.

Experts in the United Kingdom say that it is “normal” to feel unwell after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, with side effects ranging from fevers and fatigue to a pain in the arm – the kind of symptoms Vladimir Putin was talking about.

Professor Martin Michaelis from the University of Kent told British newspaper The Express that the side effects “may feel like the real disease” but it’s actually “the response of the immune system to the vaccine.”

No COVID-19 vaccine uses the live virus, so the pain experienced is a matter of the body reacting to the injection and not responding to a “small dose” of the virus, as many often believe.

In Russia, roughly two-thirds of the population remain unwilling to take the vaccine, with millions of Russians concerned about the side effects of receiving the inoculation.