Putin Is Putting Explosives In Dangerous Locations

A new analysis claims that Russia is employing antiquated military tanks stocked with bombs to attack Ukrainian soldiers.

It is recognized that Russia has suffered heavy tank losses during the conflict, prompting Moscow to deploy mothballed tanks like the T-55 against Ukraine’s troops. But experts have warned that these vintage tanks won’t be as effective as newer, better-maintained units.

Older Russian T-55 and T-54 tanks, reportedly loaded with multiple tons of explosives, were used against Ukrainian troops in the disputed eastern Donetsk area.

Referring to these accounts, the British Ministry of Defense advised that Russian tank operators loaded the armored tanks to carry Vehicle-Born Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) prior to vacating the vehicle and sending it rolling toward the target.

The Ministry of Defense tweeted that most IEDs must have exploded prior to having reached targets due to mines and artillery fire.  But VBIEDs cause large explosions, which are expected to have psychological impacts on the opposition.

According to reports, President Joe Biden justified the administration’s decision to supply cluster bombs to Ukraine, arguing that the controversial weapons were essential to the struggle and that Ukraine had pledged to use them responsibly.

Because it has a history of resulting in numerous civilian fatalities, nearly 70% of NATO alliance states have prohibited it.

Some Democrats in Congress voiced opposition to the proposal, while some Republicans voiced support. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy applauded Biden for the initiative on Twitter.

Betty McCollum, a Democrat lawmaker from Minnesota, said the choice was a terrible and unnecessary mistake. Democrat Massachusetts lawmaker Jim McGovern warned that danger to civilians continues even after the fighting is over. Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton applauded the measure, saying Ukraine needed access to the weaponry Russia currently uses.

Documents show that over 120 nations have signed on to a treaty that prohibits the deployment of cluster bombs and requires the destruction of unused or abandoned munitions. Among those who haven’t signed on are the United States, Ukraine, and Russia.