Putin Is Expected To Launch A “False Flag” Operation Soon

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A new report from defense and national security site 19FortyFive.com reveals concern about Russia’s ongoing insistence that Ukraine is to blame for a series of rocket attacks on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Analysts wonder why Russia would attack a nuclear plant where its own troops, supplies, and weapons are already stationed.

However, reports this weekend imply that Russia is preparing a false flag attack against the plant to make it appear that Ukrainian forces are acting rashly. Local Kyiv media have reported that intelligence has confirmed a shelling incident on the power plant.

The outlet claimed that Russia shelled the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant from a nearby, occupied town. The site added that Russian troops are preparing a false-flag operation disguising a self-propelled howitzer as Ukrainian, according to the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Directorate.

After taking over the Zaporizhzhia plant in March, Russia made astounding accusations that Ukraine was creating a dirty nuclear bomb.

Putin claimed that Ukraine was exploiting Soviet technology to manufacture nuclear weapons before he started Russia’s invasion on February 24. He then used these assertions to support his pretended special military operation.

No evidence was given to support the claims.

Recent reports show that Russia refused to leave the site despite requests from the G7 foreign ministers and the UN for them to do so. They asked Ukraine and Russia to halt military activities close to the nuclear power station. Moscow emphasized that its military personnel secured and protected the facility.

Konstantin Kosachev, the deputy speaker of the Federation Council, threw a fit and rejected the idea of turning over the facility to Ukraine this week, saying “No, and no again.”

The chairman of the State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Leonid Slutsky, also declared on Twitter that the plant would continue under Russian authority. Slutsky claimed that Ukraine had committed “nuclear terrorism.”

Perhaps the US should start sending Russia some cash to behave itself. After all, that worked so well with Iran.

Oh, wait. Never mind.