Putin Fires Woman For Speaking Out Against Her

(FreedomBeacon.com)- An officer who spoke out against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been “dismissed.”

Natalia Poklonskaya, a Russian lawmaker from Ukraine’s Luhansk area, said on Telegram that Putin “signed a decree” on her new role.

Months after her most recent comments condemning the Russia-Ukraine war, Poklonskaya was fired from her position as deputy director of the government agency Rossotrudnichestvo. She stated in her release that she is grateful to her President for his “support and trust.” Information concerning her dismissal, including her new role and whether it is connected to her critiques of the war, was unknown as of Monday morning.

In April, Poklonskaya spoke out against the letter Z logo, which has come to stand for a pro-Russian attitude in the wake of the invasion and has been criticized by analysts for having Nazi implications. The Z has been printed on Russian military equipment, apparel, and goods to show support for their armed forces.

Poklonskaya voiced some criticism of the emblem in an interview with a well-known Russian YouTube channel. According to The Moscow Times, her comments drew strong criticism, even from her supervisors at Rossotrudnichestvo.

She explained that the letter Z represents tragedy and grief for Russia and Ukraine. Later, she justified her comments in a Telegram thread by stating that she thought it was risky to worship any symbol out of blind devotion because history doesn’t like it.

She said soldiers and regular citizens are dying, and many are crippled. She asked how many more there would be, how much sorrow, and how many war captives. She said that this is all called calamity, tragedy, and catastrophe, adding that she would take the punishment if voicing her viewpoint was against what is expected of her in her position.

Few Russian lawmakers have spoken against the war; most have aligned with the government’s position and supported it. Russian authorities have cracked down on free speech and independent media since the war started in late February, so speaking out against the conflict has had repercussions for some Russians.

In an April speech to the Brix forum, she reportedly referred to the invasion as a “catastrophe.” Her two native countries are killing each other. Millions of refugees are being created as people are dying. Homes and entire cities are being devastated. It mutilates both bodies and souls.

She said, “My heart is bursting with pain.”

Authorities nominated Poklonskaya as the region’s prosecutor after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. She has grown to be a well-liked politician in Russia and has been against Ukraine joining the EU.

According to Ukrayinska Pravda, she is wanted in Ukraine on treason charges after supporting Crimean separatists.