Putin Dozes Off On Camera Amid Rumors About Poor Health

(FreedomBeacon.com)- According to reports, CCTV shows the Russian president battling to stay awake during a recent meeting. This has led to further speculation on Vladimir Putin’s health, which has continued to raise questions.

In a video of a state council meeting on improving Russia’s tiny tourism sector, numerous other Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, who is 69 years old, appeared to share Putin’s lack of enthusiasm and exhaustion.

The president and his staff may have been forced to travel through seven time zones to reach the city of Vladivostok in the far east of Russia. Vladivostok is located on the edge of Russia’s frontier with Manchuria and North Korea. This may have been the primary cause of the sleeping.

While flying to the city to participate in the 2022 Vostok military exercises performed together with China, Putin reportedly alerted physicians about persistent weariness and difficulty breathing. The drills were held jointly with China.

According to an independent Russian news outlet known as General SVR, which was published on Telegram, “Even before the flight to Kamchatka, President of Russia Vladimir Putin had worsening problems with his kidneys, swelling of his face appeared, [and] ‘bags’ under his eyes clearly appeared.”

The news source said that “despite the usage of medications, there was no evident improvement.” According to the specialists he consulted, Putin was experiencing weariness and shortness of breath when he arrived in Kamchatka.

The Russian network also stated that a body double for Vladimir Putin had been created if he could not attend the conference.

It was stated that despite this, Putin chose to take part in some of the activities that had been pre-planned.

The New York Post said that while attending the National Environmental Youth Forum in Kamchatka on Monday, Vladimir Putin was seen uncontrollably twitching his leg. The news that the leader was sleeping came after this observation.

However, Russian and Western authorities, such as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William J. Burns and the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, have persistently denied that Vladimir Putin is experiencing any significant health concerns. Richard Moore was the head of the Secret Intelligence Service.