Putin Banked on Obama and Biden Appeasement

(FreedomBeacon.com)- While President Joe Biden repeatedly talked tough on Russia in the lead-up to the invasion of Ukraine, according to experts, the Biden administration’s policy toward Russia is continuing the appeasement of the Obama administration.

Fox News spoke with several foreign policy experts who suggested that Biden’s Russia policy has been crafted and carried by the same people who ran Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement toward Putin.

The so-called “Russian experts” working on Obama’s “Russian reset” are the same people leading the Biden administration’s Russia policy. And that includes Joe Biden.

It was then-Vice President Biden who pushed to have Russia join the World Trade Organization, calling the move “the most important item on our agenda.”

The Obama administration’s appeasement of Russia resulted in the 2014 invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

When Obama backed off his infamous chemical weapons “red line” in Syria, the administration accepted a deal to have Russia oversee the removal of chemical weapons in the region, in large part to avoid military action in Syria over fear that it would jeopardize the Iran nuclear deal.

The Obama administration’s policy of appeasement stood in sharp contrast to that of President Trump who spoke favorably about Putin but maintained policies that were much harder on the Putin regime than either Obama or Biden.

According to the experts who spoke with Fox News, Putin’s aggression was put on hold for the four years Trump was in the White House. But Biden’s appeasement, much like Obama’s, prompted Putin to act.

Unlike Trump whose bite was worse than his bark, Joe Biden only barks. Even before the 2020 election, Biden was talking tough, claiming if he became president, Putin would know his days of “tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.”

But just days after taking office, Biden’s tough talk façade fell away and his appeasement of Putin became clear.

Among other things, he waived the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 that former President Trump vehemently opposed. When Russian-linked hackers launched multiple ransomware attacks on US businesses last summer, President Biden gave Putin a list of 16 sectors he didn’t want Russian hackers to attack. Biden continues to rely on Putin to lead negotiations to secure a new nuclear deal with Iran.

Is it any surprise Vladimir Putin took advantage of US weakness to invade Ukraine?