Publisher: High-Demand Trump Book Out of Print Due to Paper Shortage

( People who have ordered former President Donald Trump’s new book, “Our Journey Together,” will have to wait a little while longer to get their copy.

Even though the book was released officially on Tuesday, issues with the supply chain are causing delays with printing. As of this week, there have already been more than 130,000 copies of the book sold.

The book can be purchased at Those who order it now will receive a Christmas card from Trump that will arrive before Christmas, according to Sergio Gor of Winning Team Publishing. The book itself will follow sometime early in the new year.

As Gor commented this week:

“President Donald J. Trump has sold more books than any other author in the same week by a wide margin — an incredible success. Only in Joe Biden’s America have higher gas prices, out-of-control inflation, and printers running out of paper become the unfortunate norm. We look forward to delivering hundreds of thousands additional copies in the new year.”

In just the first nine days that the book was available to be ordered, it sold more than 100,000 copies. Since then, though, the book is listed as out of stock and on back order because issues with the supply chain are causing a shortage of paper.

Gor did say that just since Sunday, the company sold 30,000 more copies, all of which will be delivered to those who made the purchase in early January.

Appearing with Newsmax on Monday night for an exclusive interview, Trump said about the book:

“Everybody wanted it. And the reason everyone wants it was, despite all the witch hunts and all of the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax and the impeachment scam number one and impeachment scam number two, we had an incredible presidency what we’ve done. All of those things I just state and many more, many, many more.

“And people wanted to see it. People were calling, ‘pictures, we’ll take anything.'”

All of the orders for Trump’s new book have been individual sales, according to Gor, that were made on either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or

To gain the rights to Trump’s book, Winning Team Publishing paid the former president an advance of multiple millions of dollars. That came after many major publishing companies in the United States refused to work with the former president on his project.

This week, Trump also said that he was working on writing what will be his presidential memoir. As of yet, a publisher hasn’t been selected for that book. The former president did say, though, that is must be released in a “non-censored” format.

Commenting to host Lyndsay Keith on “Spicer & Co.” about the presidential memoir, Trump said:

“We have great interest from publishers, like you wouldn’t believe. They like to say, well, you didn’t have interest. They always have.

“You know, it’s an amazing thing, if you’re going to sell more books than anybody else, they may not talk about it — the radical left is absolutely afraid. We’ve got a lot of interest of people that want to do it, or do it myself.”