Protestors Get Booed After Interrupting Game

There were loud boos from the audience when two anti-oil demonstrators rushed the Wimbledon tennis grounds on Wednesday and littered orange ticker tape.

Due to the antics of the demonstrators, the tennis match involving Sho Shimabukuro and Grigor Dimitrov had to be halted for a while. The activists’ rally was met with loud boos from the audience, and security swiftly escorted them from the court.

A British activist organization called “Just Stop Oil” claims responsibility for the demonstration. The advocacy group’s official Twitter account made it seem like they were taking credit for the prank.

In response, Wimbledon said that the suspects were promptly arrested.

According to a report, in an effort to blackmail the government into stopping fossil fuel projects, members of the climate extremist organization Just Stop Oil glued themselves to paintings by Vincent van Gogh last year.

Another report shows that members of the climate extremist organization glued themselves to William Turner’s Thomson’s Aeolian Harp at the Manchester Art Gallery in London.

The Manchester protestors also sprayed a crude doodle and the phrase “NO NEW OIL” on the gallery floor next to the picture.

According to Spiked!, many museums and galleries have succumbed to the cause. It’s far simpler to lecture the people from the relative safety of social media and galleries about the impending climate catastrophe than it is to actually do something about it. We already see the terrible results of implementing the Net Zero agenda, such as skyrocketing fuel costs and a cost-of-living disaster.

According to the manifesto put forth by Just Stop Oil, massive expenditure on clean technology, renewables, and storage is needed to completely phase out fossil fuels by the year 2030. But when fossil-fuel supplies falter and costs explode, where will the energy and resources to construct all that technology be found? Just Stop Oil offers no solutions.