Project Veritas CEO Quits With Fiery Public Comments

Project Veritas CEO Hannah Giles made a shocking announcement on Monday, revealing her resignation from the political organization. In a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter, Giles leveled severe accusations against the organization she once led.

Giles declared, “I am resigning from all positions at Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action, effective immediately. Despite my initial optimism upon joining these organizations, I found myself entangled in an irreparable situation marked by compelling indications of previous illegality and financial irregularities. Upon uncovering such evidence, I promptly reported the information to the relevant law enforcement agencies.”

Following the announcement, Mediaite contacted several former Project Veritas staffers who shared their thoughts on Giles’ departure. According to Bobby Harr, the former lead investigative reporter for Project Veritas, Giles knew what she was getting into when she assumed the CEO role. Harr expressed disappointment in Giles’ leadership skills, saying she promised a lot but delivered very little. He believed that she had no business being in that role in the first place.

Another former staffer, who wished to remain anonymous, shed light on the alleged “past illegality and past financial improprieties” mentioned by Giles. These included unresolved lawsuits, the Westchester District Attorney’s investigation into James O’Keefe’s spending, and the outcome of an internal audit.

However, O’Keefe’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, vehemently denied Giles’ claims, calling her “demented or a grifting liar.” He revealed that Giles had previously assured him that no financial irregularities existed at Project Veritas during O’Keefe’s tenure. With the organization’s funds depleted, she changed her tune and decided to quit.

In September, Mediaite reported that Project Veritas was on the verge of collapse after Giles informed staff members that the non-profit was bankrupt. Giles had taken over the organization in June after O’Keefe’s messy departure in February. A subsequent internal audit by the Washington Post accused O’Keefe of misusing Project Veritas funds for personal expenses.

According to a former staffer, Project Veritas has been liquidating its assets selling supplies and equipment to empty its premises. Giles’ departure did not elicit any sadness from the remaining employees, who were uncertain about the organization’s future.

Despite the differing opinions on when Project Veritas met its demise, it is clear that Giles’ departure is seen as the final nail in the coffin. Kalen Eriksson, a former senior producer at Project Veritas, argued that the organization was fatally wounded when O’Keefe chose to walk away instead of addressing management issues. Giles then put the organization into a coma by firing the staff responsible for its work. Now, with no financial support, she has cut ties and left Project Veritas in a state of permanent paralysis.

Ultimately, it seems that Project Veritas has been struggling for a while, and Giles’ resignation is merely a formality, signifying the organization’s ultimate demise.