Professor Racistly Calls White People “Villians”

A portion of the non-white population may have been incited to dislike, hate, and even kill whites, according to a study that says history has been skewed on purpose in this manner.

Brittney Cooper, a black assistant professor at the Department of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University, spewed so much hatred for white people in a lecture at the end of last year. She concluded that “We got to take these motherf**ers out!” 

During her bizarre and discriminatory tirade, Cooper claimed she believed that, on average, white people are determined to play the role of antagonists. She felt that white people have a deep-seated fear, and they are aware of the actions they have taken. They think there is only one manner in which to be human, and that is the way they are currently being human.  

Cooper has also expressed her agreement with Critical Race Theory (CRT), which argues that racism permeates American society and that every encounter should be analyzed through the lens of race. 

She was criticized for a since-deleted tweet saying that the coronavirus pandemic was Trump’s fault and the fault of his followers.

In 2021, on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Cooper said that a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant because she was black, overweight, and “having a bad day.” She went on to say that people have trouble seeing black females as youngsters because of their skin color.

Officer Nicholas Reardon fatally shot Bryant as she lunged at another person with a knife. 

Just seconds after slamming another lady to the ground, Bryant brandished a knife and swung it at a young lady.

Before firing fire on Bryant, Reardon ordered her to “get down” many times. 

Officers rendered aid and phoned for medical assistance, but Bryant could not be saved. 

The media falsely reported the girl as unarmed until a forced correction was issued days later.