Pro-Ron DeSantis Poll Shows Trump Winning By 40+ Points 

( A pro-DeSantis social media figure named Bill Mitchell surveyed Twitter, and the results of the poll showed that respondents were more likely to favor President Trump in a race for the 2024 Republican Primary between DeSantis and Trump. The margin of support was as high as 40 percent. 

According to a report, Bill Mitchell inquired on Twitter who people wanted to see as the nominee for the Republican Party. The poll seems to have been removed because it was such a major public relations disaster. 

At one moment, when there were over 4,000 people who had cast their vote, President Trump was well out in front of Governor DeSantis via a staggering 40-point margin. 

The Trump-DeSantis survey conducted by Bill Mitchell was only one of many conducted in recent days that have put President Trump in the winner’s circle.   

The report also shows that Mitchell conducted a second study on Twitter, asking respondents to name which candidate was most personable. The survey results showed that President Trump was the victor once again, garnering 53.8 percent versus DeSantis’ 46.2 percent. 

In 2016, Bill Mitchell was an online cheerleader of then-candidate Trump’s campaign, gathering a massive following before being kicked off the platform for opposing mask regulations. Once Elon Musk took control of the site, his account was returned. 

The report reveals Mitchell’s claim that he was a former special adviser to President Trump has been dismissed by several people, including a real Trump policy advisor Sebastian Gorka.  

Gorka teased Mitchell while posting laughing emojis when Mitchell claimed to have told the Trump campaign that targeting DeSantis negatively was the wrong decision.   

According to a report, a recent book signing that the governor of Florida was hosting did not let any supporters of Donald Trump, including Laura Loomer, inside. 

In a video Loomer uploaded online,  a security officer was seen explaining that he was instructed to tell anybody wearing Trump paraphernalia to leave the premises immediately.

Loomer shared with the media that police had arrived after some time had passed, and the officers warned them that they would be jailed for trespassing if they didn’t leave because DeSantis didn’t want them near the building. 

She suggested that DeSantis was a despot.