Pro Life Spiderman Freeclimber Performs Stunt In Chicago’

A man who calls himself the “Pro-life Spider-Man,” Maison Des Champs, climbed a 588-foot-tall building in Chicago, Illinois, to raise money for an expectant mother who is struggling financially and contemplating an abortion.

The Accenture tower is 588 feet tall.

Des Champs, who is 23 years old, ascended the heights of the building (home to the Israeli consulate), knowing the authorities would apprehend him. Once he reached the roof, police took him into custody.

Krista Stadler, who was working on the fifteenth floor of the building, had the opportunity to watch the free climber scale the structure.

She noted on Facebook that the was turning out to be quite the “eventful Tuesday,” noting it wasn’t “even noon.”

The Spider-Man, who supports the pro-life movement, broadcasted his stunt in real time on Instagram and explained that he was doing it to raise money for a woman named Sierra.

Des Champs said Sierra is scheduled to have an abortion on the 14th of October. He intends to organize a fund-raising campaign to fund her in hopes she will keep the baby.

According to the nonprofit organization Let Them Live website, which offers financial and emotional assistance to women considering having an abortion. Des Champs helps with fundraising for the organization.

According to the individual who was live-streaming Des Champs, they were attempting to raise money for this young mother so that she could pay both her medical bill and her rent.

Officers could take Des Champs into custody without resistance, according to the Chicago Police Department. There were no reports of any injuries, and the investigation is continuing.

This was not Des Champs’ first time mimicking the famous Marvel character Spider-Man. The anti-abortion activist has completed over a half dozen climbs of a similar nature across the United States to generate publicity and funds for the pro-life movement and other causes. He typically livestreams his daring-do to his Instagram feed.