Prince Andrew’s Comeback Attempt Reportedly “Wishful Thinking”

( It is unlikely His Majesty King Charles III will allow his brother Andrew Duke of York to return to his official royal duties, a “well-placed” source told the UK tabloid the Daily Mail last week.

According to the source, while the King believes Andrew has the right to clear his name, there is no chance that doing so will give him a path to return to public life or have a role in the Royal Family. And it is “wishful thinking” on Andrew’s part if he thinks it will.

The source told the Mail that this is about “much more” than the lawsuit brought by Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre which was settled out of court last year. Instead, the decisions about Andrew’s position within the Royal Family are also about his “professional judgment and his personal associations,” the source said.

According to the Daily Mail, within some parts of the Royal Household, frustration has mounted over the campaign launched by Prince Andrew and his advisors to try to change public opinion of the prince.

According to the UK Independent, a source close to Prince Andrew revealed that before she died, the late Queen Elizabeth II told Andrew to put his energy toward charitable work as a way to distance himself from his scandals. The source said “other members of the family agreed” with the late queen “and saw it as his only way to rehabilitation.”

However, a source told The Daily Beast that King Charles does not support the rebrand and has made it clear that “there is no way back to public life for Andrew.” According to the source, the king believes if Andrew wants to do charitable work, “that will be up to him.”

Spencer Kuvin, an attorney who represented nine of Epstein’s victims, recently to the UK Mirror that Andrew’s charitable actions are part of a “PR campaign” which he described as “unbelievable.”