Prince Andrew To Be Removed As Official Stand-In For The Crown

( The UK Telegraph reported last week that His Majesty King Charles III wants to amend the law that outlines who can act as his official stand-in to omit Prince Andrew Duke of York, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Harry Duke of Suffolk.

The 1937 Regency Act allows the spouse of a monarch as well as the four people next in line to the throne to be “counsellors of the state” appearing on behalf of the monarch during official business.

Under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the roles were filled by Charles Prince of Wales, William Duke of Cambridge, Harry Duke of Sussex, and Andrew Duke of York.

According to the Telegraph, there has long been pressure for Buckingham Palace to relieve Prince Harry and Prince Andrew from their official roles and replace them with other working members of the royal family.

The Telegraph reports that the King has likely taken the necessary steps to have the law amended as soon as possible. According to the report, possible replacements for Harry and Andrew are the King’s sister, Princess Anne, and his younger brother, Prince Edward Earl of Wessex.

As these stand-ins aren’t determined solely by the line of succession, it is possible Kate, the Princess of Wales could also be considered.

While the “counsellors of state” are rarely called upon to step in for the monarch, it does happen on occasion.

In May, then-Prince Charles and Prince William attended the official State Opening of Parliament on behalf of the late Queen.

By law, two “counsellors of state” must be present for it to be constitutional.

While the King can propose a change to the law, amending the Regency Act must be done by a vote in the Houses of Parliament.