Pressure Mounts On Santos To Resign

Pressure is mounting on Republican Rep. George Santos to step down following the publication of a damning report by the House Ethics Committee. The Committee unanimously adopted the report and said its “investigation revealed a complex web of unlawful activity” involving the New York Representative’s personal, business, and campaign finances. The document states that Santos “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.”

Rep. Santos has been under fire since entering the House last year and admitting that he lied to voters during his election campaign. Outlandish lies included saying he was Jewish – and even speaking to the Republican Jewish Convention and claiming his grandparents survived the Holocaust – even though he comes from a South American Catholic background. He also claimed to have worked for a major New York bank and graduated from university, both of which were untrue.

Polls from New York, including Long Island, which he represents, show that the vast majority of voters want Mr. Santos to resign. A Marist poll revealed that 83% of Long Island residents believe he should step down, 82% of Democrats state-wide, and 68% of Republicans.

Democratic Reps. Robert Garcia and Dan Goldman filed a resolution for his expulsion, but the Republican remained resolute and refused to back down. He continues to insist he has done an excellent job in Congress and lists his achievements on his Twitter account. These include “banning” federally funded vaccine mandates, holding the Chinese Communist Party “accountable,” pushing back on migrant centers, delivering 40 speeches, attending 100 meetings, and solving 1,200 constituent cases.

Twitter users did not respond well to his stated achievements, however, with many calling for his resignation and others openly mocking him. One person wrote, “Those aren’t achievements. That’s evidence you show up to work and do about the bare minimum.” Another wrote, “Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your taxpayer-funded salary.” A third called him “shameless.”