Pope Francis’ IMMIGRATION Announcement Is Downright Scary…

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Pope Francis really is the wokest pope there has ever been – and he proved it once again by taking a shot at conservative, Catholic, and patriotic eastern European country Hungary recently. The Pope insisted that “no country can exempt itself” from the obligation of taking in huge numbers of aliens – and he made the comment right after conservative Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban rejected a new ruling from the European Union’s Court of Justice that said his country had “failed to fulfil its obligations” to relax its strict immigration laws.

Why, exactly, is the pope telling eastern European countries to open their borders – especially when eastern European countries are among the safest in the region?

On Tuesday during a press conference, Prime Minister Orban said that his country will “maintain the existing regime, even if the European court ordered us to change it.”

He said that migrants must be stopped at the border and that his country can only achieve that by changing European asylum rules.

“But this process has not even started yet,” he added.

In response to the comments during a General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for all European countries to be equally burdened by the “consequences” of the massive flow of migrants across the continent.

“I also noted how only some European countries are bearing most of the consequences of this migratory phenomenon in the Mediterranean area, while in reality, a shared responsibility is necessary from which no country can exempt itself,” he said, referring to his recent visit to Greece and Cyprus.

How, exactly, does the Pope think that European nations can handle a massive and continuous influx of aliens in perpetuity?