Pope Francis Condones Different Sexual Orientations Despite Bible

(FreedomBeacon.com)- During his weekly address in the Vatican on Wednesday, Pope Francis urged parents to stick with their children through their problems without hiding “in an attitude of condemnation.”

Pope Francis said that God doesn’t promise a life without fear because fear is a part of life. However, the pope explained, with God’s help, fear does not need to be the “criterion for our decisions.”

Then he addressed parents whose children may be struggling with problems. He offered several examples of the types of problems children may face, including illness, struggling with sexual orientation, getting “into mischief,” or even those children who are struggling in school. He said parents often struggle with the challenge of how to “accompany their children” while not hiding “in an attitude of condemnation.”

And to all of those parents struggling with their children’s problems, the pope said they should never condemn their children.

While admitting that there is often a lot of pain in the struggle, the pope told parents not to be afraid. He said God speaks to each of us, but it is up to us to recognize the voice of God in the midst of the voices of fear, past experiences, hopes, and also “the voice of the evil one who wants to deceive and confuse us.”

The pope assured parents that God never allows a problem without also providing us “the help we need to deal with it.” God, he added, always gives us “the intuition, the help, His presence” to resolve every problem.