Poll Finds MOST Republicans Don’t Believe Biden Won, Think Trump “Rightfully” Won Election

(FreedomBeacon.com)- You might have seen some mainstream media outlets claim recently that most people believe Joe Biden won the election, but that isn’t really true. Well, it’s actually not true at all, according to an Ipsos/Reuters poll that was published on Wednesday.

According to the survey, which was performed between November 13 and 17, 53% of Republican voters believed that President Donald Trump “rightfully” won the election. And, given that Republicans are roughly half of the population, it means that a significant portion of the country believes that the 2020 election was not as “secure” as the social media giants keep reminding you it is.

Less than one-third of Republicans believe that Joe Biden “rightfully” won the election.

Reuters followed up their report with misleading statements about Biden having already won the election, too.

“The Nov. 13-17 opinion poll showed that Trump’s open defiance of Biden’s victory in bot the popular vote and Electoral College appears to be affecting the public’s confidence in American democracy, especially among Republicans,” the news agency claimed.

There is, however, no clear winner of the Electoral College in this year’s election. Joe Biden appears to have won the popular vote, but even that is not yet confirmed as recounts are currently taking place and several battleground states are implicated in court cases relating to alleged voter fraud and irregularities.

The survey also claimed that 73% of Americans believe that Joe Biden won the election overall, but a deeper dive at the numbers shows that might not be the case. Breitbart reports that the survey samples 100 more Democrats than it did Republicans.

Weird, right?

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are currently in court in several battleground states, including Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Should his team successfully prove widespread electoral fraud, as so many others appear to believe did take place, it could mean the results of the 2020 election take a very different turn.