Police Search For Pooping Bandit

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The public is being urged to help Florida police identify a guy they have nicknamed the “pooping bandit.”  (Although the “pooping perpetrator” has a better ring.)

The Fort Myers Police Department posted two videos and four images on Facebook in an effort to locate the guy who was caught with his shorts down. (Caught with his hand in the dookie jar?)

A weirdo of a guy was seen on security footage breaking into a Joe’s Crab Shack in Fort Myers at about 2:30 in the morning on January 21. The bandit reportedly shattered a tiny window and crawled through it to grab wine and other stuff, then “did his business” on the floor before fleeing.

He also took a hat off a rack inside Joe’s Crab Shack and wore it while walking throughout the eatery.

In the article comments section, one commenter inquired, “Can you get forensic DNA from what he ‘left behind’?” Others speculate that the guy may be a disgruntled ex-employee or that he was turned away from booze earlier that night.

According to reports, he allegedly took a number two and a number of other things from the business, including booze and goods, a red cap, and a blue sweatshirt with the restaurant’s emblem.

However, before making his getaway, he defecated on the floor, which led Facebook users to propose using DNA from it to track him down.

“Shouldn’t he be referred to as the “poopatrator?” asked one commenter.

Rosane Rashid, a frequent at the restaurant, called the man’s behavior “disgusting” and denounced it to WINK television.

She said it was really insane and disgusting. “I find it incomprehensible how somebody could act in such a manner. That is very repulsive, and yes, it is one of the ‘Florida guy” incidents that made us famous,” Rashid said.

“There’s other ways to go about making a name for yourself than doing something like that, so hopefully they catch the guy,” said tourist Kathleen Hadsell.