Police Arrest Suspect After 91yo Man Assaulted

The New York Police Department said that an individual had been taken into custody on Monday in connection with an incident that left an elderly victim of a violent robbery with serious injuries.

The New York Police Department said that a 45-year-old man named Christian Torres was taken into custody in the East Harlem area of the city at 10:15 a.m. on charges of attempted robbery.

Authorities in the Upper East Side area reported that 91-year-old Hyman Silverglad was assaulted on February 1 at around 10:30 a.m. local time as he was strolling on East 86th Street between First and Second Avenues.

He was arraigned on Tuesday on charges of assault and two counts of attempted robbery. According to the court reports, Torres was remanded on a partly secured bail of $150,000 cash or $250,000 insurance despite his 49 past convictions for various misdemeanors and six felonies.

On February 16th, he will return to New York Criminal Court.’

His victim, who suffered six fractured bones, broken ribs, a hematoma in his liver, and another fracture at the base of his spine in an attempted wallet-snatching, is still struggling to make sense of what happened.

From the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Home Center, Hyman Silverglad said they should “throw the book at him.”

Police said that when the man started screaming, Torres eventually ran away.

Torres, the defendant, allegedly shoved Silverglad to the street and struck him while he tried to take his wallet. According to Silverglad, the thug attacked him when he was returning home from the supermarket; he hit him and attempted to take his money.

According to the former Coney Island attorney, he clung to his wallet until the assailant ran off.

The victim said no one with gray hair is on the streets at 10:00 p.m. because too much fear has overcome them.