Planned Parenthood Offers Trans Drugs To Autistic Teen

Planned Parenthood supplied a young autistic man with cross-sex hormones after a quick consultation lasting less than an hour.

After just one visit to Planned Parenthood, a high school senior named Fred from New Jersey was given a lifetime supply of estrogen. The boy’s parents requested that the media not use the boy’s given name.

According to Fred’s parents, their son’s illness contributed to behavioral issues that got him kicked out of three special-needs schools.

Fred decided to be transgender and insisted on starting hormone therapy before he turned 18. His parents tried to get him into the Gender and Autism Program at Children’s National Hospital. It’s the only gender clinic in the country that treats autistic children. Fred’s parents discovered in March that he would have to wait roughly a year to enter the clinic because of the long wait.

Youth in the Gender and Autism Program at Children’s National Hospital must be evaluated thoroughly before any suggestions of cross-sex hormones or operations are made.

Not long after Fred turned 18, he went to Planned Parenthood while his parents were out of town because he did not want to wait to get into the clinic’s program.

According to Fred’s parents, he checked into the clinic at eleven o’clock in the morning, and they received notification from CVS Pharmacy at eleven thirty-nine that their son’s prescription was being filled. Fred did not need to present a therapist’s letter or a diagnosis of gender dysphoria because he was an adult.

Fred’s mother, a New Jersey pediatrician, said, “It’s criminal what they’re doing throughout the country.”

And most people don’t even know it’s occurring, she said.

Fred’s parents lodged a formal complaint in July with the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners and the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

According to his parents, Fred “had no specialist psychological evaluation or therapy,” and no psychologist has looked into whether or whether Fred’s mental health problems are related to his gender identity problems.

The parents claimed that no mental health practitioner had formally diagnosed gender dysphoria.

They claimed that Fred, their 18-year-old son, is deemed an adolescent due to his neuro-developmental difficulties and that Planned Parenthood gave him hormones without their knowledge or consent.